Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hat tip to my man Vinnie for pointing this article about the U.S. Military hero supporting Wiki Leaks, and I am all for the truth being told.  Now, Julian Assange is far from a savory character.  However, just because he may be a miscreant in other parts of life does not mean that he cannot make a difference in a time when we need some answers to where the country may be headed.  Life is not categorically right or wrong, no matter how much some people cling to that belief.  Now, I admittedly may be not be super comfortable with Wiki Leaks and want to allow the government privacy when needed (and yes, it is needed at times).  That being said, government cannot use their privilege of privacy as a crutch and rely on consistently misleading the very people that elect them.  If you do not want to take the word of Mr. Assange because of his character issues, take the word of a legitimate United States hero that had the courage to serve our country and an equal amount of courage to take a tough and unpopular stance on the hottest issue of the past few months.

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